5 impressive VR documentaries

5 most amazing VR experiences that will boggle your mind

Immersive content has the power to take the user to another world where the user can deep dive into a stimulating environment. Virtual Reality Documentary an innovative and Impactful experience that remains for longer in the mind. VR has presented amazing and ingenious content in almost every domain like games & entertainment, education and training, health and wellness, travel and tourism, and so forth.

Needless to mention, VR turns out the best use of immersive technology in developing documentaries that bring social issues to a platform and encourage actions to make social changes in the community. Here, we have compiled some of the stunning documentaries compatible for both mobile and PC based VR headsets. Let’s have a look-

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Waves of Grace

Life of an Ebola survivor is captured wonderfully and describes how she lived after getting infected with the disease. This ground-breaking VR documentary entails the story of Decontee Davis Liberia, who used all her immunity to care orphaned children regardless of the Ebola survivor. It would be frightening to view such a subject where a woman holds sick and dying children. She also talks about the devastating effects of the disease their country is suffering from. The viewer can go through an emotional breakdown when they feel surrounded by dozens of corpses in the graveyard.

Clouds Over Sidra

This powerful VR documentary allows the user to experience life within a refugee camp. The Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan is home to more than 80000 Syrians, half of them were children, who ran away to escape from war and violence. The documentary brings about a story of a 12-year-old girl named Sidra and follows her from a tent to school, to a bakery, to a computer lab and even to a football pitch.

It is the first film shot in virtual reality for the United Nations. The documentary is done so well in bringing empathy by connecting viewers to the subject very deeply.

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Notes on Blindness

Indisputably one of the most immpresive VR documentaries, Notes On Blindness: Into Darkness is a stimulating virtual reality story based on the sensory and psychological experience of blindness. Each scene will address a memory, a moment and s specific location from John Hull’s audio diary who was an author, teacher, and theologian who went blind after years of declining vision. He used to keep an audio diary during the tough time of his life.

This award-winning Virtual reality documentary allows users to “see and feel” how one can experience the world without pictures or images, emotionally and cognitively, in a wonderful way. It is a journey into a world beyond sight.


Testimony is an interactive VR documentary that raises the social issue of sexual assault survivors and their journey to healing. The ultimate aim of this engaging and immersive documentary is to inspire and build courage amongst survivors to speak out (about their experiences, legal systems, moments of horror) who have been silenced for years. As a result, despite Victim shaming, survivors are coming forward and empowering each other to become a catalyst to change in society. It is 45 minutes of experience that can be viewed through Gear VR and Oculus headsets. This issue has gained much of the media attraction.

Besides, there are dozens of VR documentaries designed and developed on real social issues and subjects that will leave you wonder-struck. Few can be named here like The Fight for Fallujah, The Protectors, Man on Spire, Policing Flint, Nomads, Vigils in Paris, Happyland 360, Grenfell: our home, and many more.

VR human Documentaries are a great medium to convey the message to the users and society and also share the emotions and related cognition. Here, technology is playing a vital role in changing biases, preconceived notions and bringing real-life heroes in light.

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