5 ways HR practitioners can apply AR/VR at workplace

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Adaptation and Implementation of AR/VR technology into HR practices 

The human Resource domain no longer remains untouched with up-to-the-minute VR technology that has immense potential to optimize HR operations. This is an immersive experience and today, it is getting an edge over traditional Corporate learning, Employee training, learning system and management, conventional induction and performance evaluation program and so forth.

As per STRIVR, content retention is 75% higher with AR/VR technology as compared to any other conventional method. These figures reveal the importance and effectiveness of virtual reality and augmented reality.

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Now the point is, how can we implement this spectacular technology in the HR department to enhance productivity and streamline the process. Let us get deep dive into AR/VR in HR practices:

Potential talent acquisition

There must be a time when HR people wonder whether a candidate will be the right choice or just a good interview-material. With VR technology, the HR department can deploy the immersive tricky situations in an interview for the candidate assessment. With the implementation of VR in HR practices, the potential to handle critical situations and the real talent of the candidate can be observed. Lloyds Bank has already implemented VR scenarios while conducting interviews to get the right talent as VR allows to exhibit practical skills.

Onboarding new employees

The power of VR during employee onboarding is unparalleled as it gives simulating real-life experiences. It will be a great investment where a lot of job training is required.

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Using stimulation, a potential employee can get a virtual tour of the company and know its work culture, prospective colleagues, routine work pressure or challenges, breakrooms, bulletin boards with the help of interactive VR technology.

Training and development

Every organization wants to be equipped with well-trained staff who are updated and competitive. VR into Human Resources can do wonders even in the most critical aspects of skill development and training. Unlike manual methods, Virtual Reality/Augmented reality platforms not only make the learning more accessible but also more engaging and retaining one.

Walmart training centers’ have incorporated VR for training employees where new employees experience real-world scenarios through a VR Headset and get prepared for upcoming challenges.

Performance management

Yes. You heard it right. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality enables the HR team to analyze & evaluate the performance of individual employees accurately. A performance management tool enables to develop a shared understanding of the company’s goal and individual key skills & competencies. An integrated VR hardware (eye-tracking, gestures and position tracking, voice recognition, biometric like EMG, EEG, GSR) allows HR personnel to keep an eye on employee’s abilities like stress handling capacity, leadership skills, emotional intelligence and so forth.

Bridging Communication gap

Traditional methods used to introduce employees to the organization include manuals, verbal induction, presentations that may not cover every essential point or not interesting ones. Through AR/VR into Human Resource, every piece of content shared with employees can be made interactive, engaging and highly retaining. Also, the HR department can ensure that they have passed all the mandatory information to each employee.


With its highly customized feature, AR/VR technology is highly accessible for every organizational training practice. This state-of-the-art technology gives an experiential learning environment and enhances employee engagement, increases productivity and proves a cost-saving investment. The potential of AR/VR is much beyond entertainment and games. 10th Dimension Singapore offers integrated AR/VR solutions that help an organization to grow substantially and also you can get customized solutions as per the organization size and requirement.

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