5 Ways AR & VR Technologies Can Be Applied in Any Business

Virtual reality technology

Wouldn’t it be great if you get to know how some furniture looks like in your living room without purchasing it or how your hotel room and amenities are before reaching that destination or riding a virtual test drive of a vehicle without actually taking it?

Augmented and Virtual Reality have revolutionized the entire business spectrum. These technologies have a great impact on numerous industry domains and certainly will change the way companies operate, enhance productivity, and reduce cost. AR and VR in business have broad applications- something to offer for everyone whether its employees, customers, or the company itself.

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To pace with the competitors, businesses need to invest in powerful tools like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies to get involved with the next generation. This not only boosts the credibility of the business person but also defines a progressive mindset and adaptability for new technology.

Where to Apply AR/VR Technology

Let us explore ways AR & VR technologies can be applied in any business and its outcomes –

1. Restructuring the process of Product testing and trails 

The possibilities of product testing with AR and VR in business are endless. By introducing such a virtual trail method, businesses can save time and money while increasing the opportunities for sales. Instead of verbal conversation, sales executives can use AR/VR to show the product, its features, services, or experience to the customer personally.

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The potential industries where product testing can be implemented are Retail, Automobile, Tourism, Construction, Entertainment, Education, Robotics, etc.

2. Develop a personalized employee training system

After personalized customer experience, AR/VR business models are also making it possible for corporates to design a personalized learning system that delivers amazing results, especially in workforce hiring, training, and retaining. Using immersive and stimulating technology to train the employees will enhance employee engagement. The benefits of VR learning-

  • Training is more like fun while learning
  • Experiential learning of concepts that will be implemented on workplace
  • Virtual environment create immediate employee engagement
  • Boost productivity as it is personalized learning
  • High content retention
  • Enhance the ability to handle work efficiently

3.Offering more Immersive experience in Retailing

The establishment of virtual tours in 3D at your website or a business place is enough to give an unforgettable immersive experience to UX users. This will increase your PPC and decrease the bounce rate. The AR/VR business model creates a buzz in the market and makes people talking about your brand. Unlike online shopping, Virtual experience comes with the potential of trying things on before the customer buys them. The VR applications are very promising & help in opting for the right one.

4. Civil, Interior Designing and Landscaping

Designers, Engineers, and owners can work on plans together with the help of VR tools and apps. They can make a plan, test construction flaws, try colors, and measure the material and labor cost accordingly. AR and VR in business can bring life to a blueprint image for customers to visualize their prospective sight. Furthermore, AR applications help in designing and developing Landscaping also.

5. Break the ice and lead the competition

Creating your own AR/VR app would be a great marketing tool and a differentiator from a competitor’s brand. To gain a competitive edge, you need to break the ice and need to invest in some advanced technology like AR/VR business model. These technologies have the potential to lead in any market or business. You can create immersive games, collect & use data, exciting VR activities at malls, showcasing a hotel-room or amenities, or anything that accompanies your business plan and strategies allow.

Bottom Line

The adoption and advancement of VR technology have revolutionized the dynamics between the buyer and customers in spectacular ways. 10th Dimension Singapore is the leading company that has hands-on designing state of the art AR/VR applications and solutions. The company believes the potential of VR technology is as limited as one’s imagination and it is capable of improving company culture, profit, or workplace safety.  

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