Amazing Use Cases to Apply AR/VR in your Events


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the new buzzwords that are constantly ranking high on trend lists and most talked about. Everyone amongst us has heard about the use of AR/VR at events. But how these technologies can be implemented at your events and how they enhance the effectiveness of an event? If such queries are popping into your mind, you are in the right place.

Technology is already revamping the way people work and connect with the clients, colleagues and the world. The use of AR/VR technology is increasing in sectors like gamification, employee training, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare which are tangible champions. The Event industry abounds with AR/VR business opportunities. VR at events got enormous marketing potential to captivate audiences at Trade Shows, Conferences, Exhibitions, product launch, live performances, or any festive celebration through customer engagement, education, and entertainment. These AR/VR interactive technologies are the perfect way to hit these key objectives of any Event.

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How to use AR/VR technology for Events?

Considering the facts of last year, 88% of Event organizers were planning to host virtual reality and most of them have implemented augmented reality in their events too. This shows a clear demand for virtual event planning in today’s scenario. The AR/VR tools for event planning and execution are very promising and commendable. They uphold the event planning process and gives an immersive experience to the audience. Below are the ways to incorporate AR/VR corporate events:


Recently, an insurance company has designed a car crash simulator to make the audience understand the car safety feature through a VR headset. With VR, now crash testing dummies come to life. Instead of addressing the audience with just words or boring PowerPoint presentations, a VR activity would be the perfect icebreaker. This will keep them engaged and immerse throughout the process and meanwhile, your message can be easily conveyed.

Training Tool

VR technology is an excellent platform for training and team-building of event planners. VR corporate events offer endless opportunities to reduce cost, high content retains and improved performance. A virtual cum real environment delivers the user an actual immersion in the event and develops a better understanding.

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Product Demonstration

Trade fairs, where numerous pieces of machinery and equipment are supposed to be displayed need engines and trucks to be transported. It would be great to incorporate VR at events that will lessen the burden of the physical presence of any machine. Just with the help of smartphones or a VR headset, the users can have a 3D view of the related object which is extremely unique and engaging.

Technology in Conference

 No matters if your event is a part of a larger audience or experience, you can still take any conventional lecture format and convert it into a hands-on experience for the attendees. It is worth to mention that VR and AR can be implemented into all the aspects of event planning. The most relevant example we can take of VR corporate events is Intel’s Innovative Press Conference in 2017, where the company gave opportunities to attendees to try VR headsets for viewing alien spaceships, Zombie apocalypses, and basketball games during the keynote.

VR for charity events

The VR technology comes with the power to drive your emotions while getting immersive with the visuals. For charity, VR at Events can show donors the real or actual impact of their donation in a way they can feel and touch. Through VR, the donors can see where their money is spent and what are the outcomes achieved. It is a great way to inspire the common people and motivate them for more donations for a social cause.

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