Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Travel & Tourism Industry


How would it be, if we are offered a VR movie in our flight or we can make a VR tour to our dream destination before actually going or we can check-in into a hotel room virtually? With the introduction of Virtual Reality in tourism, the entire planet seems to become a next-door adventure for a wanderer.

No doubt, Virtual Reality is taking tourism and travel industry to another level by providing a closer experience than ever to the prospective travelers. The airlines and hospitality arena has already sensed the effectiveness of VR technology and on all its way to implementing VR tools and techniques. Besides meeting the expectations of the travelers, the objective of the travel industry is also to find ways to exceed them. Incorporating VR in tourism will surely benefit travelers and set new standards in the industry.

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Virtual Reality in Travel

Indeed, hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise ships and other players in the hospitality industry need to revise their strategies and game plan to be a winner. Virtual Reality and Tourism has one thing in common- they both provide “Experiences”. VR has made traveling accessible with the help of stimulators to every individual and for those also who cannot travel due to any reason.

Here are the 5 way to enhance your tourism or hotel business in this competitive environment:

Offering a trial to Customers in Choosing Destination

Now, this is the place where you can market or promote your business. If the prospect travelers would be able to see the desired travel destination with a 360-degree view, videos & movies, topmost places to visit, it becomes easy to make a decision. This is only possible with Virtual reality technology. By wearing a headset, the user is all set to experience the desired itinerary that attracts them the most.

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VR in the Hotel Industry

Virtual tours offer a walk-through to a hotel room where the guests can see the space, design and even the amenities a hotel has. The VR technology assists prospective guests to select the perfect hotel room as per their requirement. It provides complete insights before booking any hotel so that customers can get exactly what they have thought of.

travel- hotel

Virtual Reality in Airlines

VR is one of a great way to keep engaged and entertain in-flight passengers especially the premium segment. This technology can immerse passengers in the virtual world completely to make their travel comfortable and a discreet one. Some useful insights about good restaurants, main attractions, and tourist places will surely enhance customer loyalty. For Instance, Qatar Airways implementing VR in training employees and also in customer experience as a part of in-flight entertainment on a pilot basis.

VR in Airlines

VR in Marketing


For selling adventurous activities, destinations and resorts, travel operators can use Virtual Reality to captivate their audience by featuring exciting places. This can be very powerful in promoting even not too popular destinations. There are many countries including Singapore using VR in tourism to exhibit their hidden destinations and stir up the interest of travelers. VR is a great tool through which people can experience the difference between normal and premium packages and can upgrade the package plan. VR in travel helps to attract a huge audience to visit a destination and has the potential to show the worth to experience. An engaging, attention-grabbing stimulating VR has an enormous impact on increasing visitors than the conservative media and comparatively low cost. 10th Dimension Singapore holds expertise in delivering state of the art VR applications and tools that enhance your business operations and generate additional revenues.

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