Weighing the Pros and Cons of AR & VR Technology

VR in technologies

Reality technologies are widely implemented across various industries as per their business requirement. These AR/VR technologies exemplify the machine-driven world we are living in. Incredibly, immersive technologies are useful in spheres like education, gamification, events, travels and hospitality, military, engineering, medicine, and likewise. Users can enter into the world created from scratch to demonstrate, entertain, and thereby sell a product or concept.

Before you deep dive into this ever-evolving array of realities, it becomes mandatory to keep yourself informed about how this tech performs. Questions in your mind may arise like Will it suits your meeting or businesses? Is it budget-friendly technology? How much accessible or adaptable it is? What are the pros and cons of AR and pros and cons of VR?

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Let us get more insights about AR and VR technologies-

Augmented Reality

The concept works to enhance the view through augmenting the components like pictures, images, sonic, motions, etc. that are digitally manipulated to enable interaction with the users. It strengthens the real world through superimposed CG images to provide a composite 3D view. Let us explore the pros and cons of AR-

Augmented Reality Pros:

Accessible– One of the most powerful pros of AR is it is highly accessible. Smartphones have strong AR functionality and thus it can be used anywhere without any other hardware supplement.

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High penetration: Due to the high penetration of newer smartphones, AR applications will be mainstream use along with immense opportunities for businesses.

Make interactive and expressive: Studies have shown that AR gaming could assist children in making decisions, sense of satisfaction & ownership, handling emotions like winning, and failures while playing games.

Cons of Augmented Reality

Addictive– features of this immersive technology like highly engaging and captivating can make the user addictive and impact the wellness of the player.

Sedentary Activity– Though, augmented Reality games and applications involve minimum physical movements that may attract issues like obesity, vision problems, concentration issues, etc. in users.

Prone to Cyber Crimes: The major drawback of augmented reality apps is that it multiplies the possibilities of cyber threats. Devices like tablets, smartphones, wearable are being disabled by hackers.

Virtual Reality– It is an artificially create a sensory environment with computer technology for users to get immerse themselves with the situation. Here, users are inside an experience and ability to interact in3D environment with Head Mounted Display. Some of the major pros and cons of VR are mentioned below:

VR in technologies

Pros of Virtual Reality

Unique experiences– This technology has the potential to make users feel that they are experiencing real things, sounds, and locations. Or sometimes it is better than the real ones. People can have a 3D interactive view and experiences like never before by just wearing VR headsets

Wide application: Fields like military, healthcare, education, architecture, aviation, etc are extensively using VR technology. It is widely applicable for training employees to imparting education.

Blessing for Disabled : Those people who are not able to visit real places or physically challenged ones can experience reality through this VR technology. The virtual world offers exactly the same experience as a roller coaster ride that will be the same on VR as in real life.

Overcome the language barrier: Immersive technology breaks the language barrier and eliminates possible difficulties through VR speech translation apps to understands the content.

Cons of Virtual Reality

Expensive: If you are planning to incorporate VR technology then just revise your budget. VR app development and implementation could be expensive for you. Also, you should take the cost of headsets into consideration.

Health issues: Some people may have motion sickness after using VR headsets. Furthermore, they become addicted to this technology and symptoms like negligence and forgetfulness may arise.

Ever-changing technology: VR is considered to be an ever-changing digital environment where technology keeps on changing at an accelerating rate. There are possibilities that after incorporating VR application, it gets outdated or need to upgrade ahead.


We believe, both AR and VR technologies will get immense success in the near future as the future belongs to technology only. Many brands and medium-size businesses are iterating towards reality technology and benefited from it. It would be great if you keep pace with technology and incorporate it to stay in the competition.

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