3 Modern Technologies that Can Revamp the Corporate Training

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Today, the corporate landscape is defined by technology. Myriad sectors including manufacturing, army, medicine, and education are experiencing a paradigm shift in their practices and actions. This techno-revolution has transformed the workplace completely and iterating towards full digitalization in their work process. The companies always look forward to skill development and training programs for their employees as and when needed. The technology in corporate training like artificial intelligence and digital world are the biggest players in development programs making the traditional methods completely obsolete.

Apparently, companies need to invest in up-to-a-minute technologies and tools to educate their employees. These practices, for sure, will make a measurable impact along the lines of HR training and development. Here is a few trending technology in corporate training :

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Virtual World Immersion

Previously, corporate training used to be a group activity, but VR technology has made it a one-to-one affair. Now, employees can utilize digital tools for employee training rather than attending a classroom training session. Virtual reality enables the user to undergo test and trial immersive process, view real-time occurrences in 360-degree at the virtual field. There are guidance and insights available in the VR training. The employee gets trained in a stimulating environment & completely detached from the real world here. In Army, Medicine, Astronautics, Manufacturing, Robotics, Engineering, and many more areas where virtual reality technology in corporate training serves as a powerful and cost-efficient tool.



Excitement, fun, and engagement are the key factors involved in gamification, one of the best tools for employee training. The usage of gamification in corporate training has become a normal workplace practice. Since its introduction, corporates are availing of its amazing benefits because it encourages learner engagement and offers a lasting learning experience.

The main purpose to introduce gamification in corporate learning is 

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  • Make learning fun
  • Portraying the concept in an easy way
  • Develop interest
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Promote self-learning
  • Stimulate necessary behavioral changes

If this technique is not well planned and executed, it will bounce-back with exactly opposite results. The gamified corporate training is used to develop skills like Product Knowledge, Compliance, Induction program, Quality Assurance, Sales, Customer Handling, Machine Operation, and so forth.

Digital Reality consolidation 

Technology in corporate training has opened up opportunities for various businesses to improvise their training modules to nurture the employees. By implementing specific tools and applications, the company provides better guidance at work that requires technical knowledge. Augmented Reality has the potential to replace printed material and slideshow presentations that will soon get obsolete. This technology is far less expensive and supports new employees to acquire skills needed to perform a task before exposed to the real workplace environment. E-commerce, Architecture, Retail are the sectors that can use AUGMENT like software. 

CRM tools and Data Management  

To keep employees up-to-date with the changing market scenario and demand, the companies are rolling out continuous training and learning programs to acquire new skillsets. With the smart tools for employee training, employees become efficient or familiar with the new process, new target audience, or new technology. Rather than replacing employees, here the organization boost performance and skills of present employees. 

Bottom line

The fundamental of corporate training and development is to hone the skills and enhance the productivity of the employees by providing them knowledge and opportunities with new technology. This technology in corporate training has reduced distractions and problems related to time. This holistic approach of training and development in corporate will train the workforce by enhancing their skills including every staff member. 10th Dimension Singapore delivers effective tools for employee training and integrated solutions keeping in mind the objectives of an organization.

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