Which Are the Top 5 VR Headsets you Should Try?


Innovative VR headsets are truly exciting and riveting for users

VR advancements and innovations continue to astonish and delight tech insane people. The immersive experience is more accessible than ever and affordable VR headsets made it possible for the users. For diving into this world, one need not spend a lot of money on an expensive VR headset to get a compelling and irresistible immersive experience. VR technology has transformed remarkably the way we learn and entertain ourselves. At times, it becomes challenging to get the right VR headset amongst the tons of the product available in the marketplace.

While opting for a Virtual Reality Headset, you should look for the product setup, design, interface, and content that gives utmost comfort, durability, and usability.

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Typically, users get trapped with the cheap headset that comes with bugs or causes VR sickness. Considering the budget element, buy a VR headset that is compatible with digital devices like video game consoles, smartphones, high-performance computer systems, etc. Go for a headset that stands out in offering overall experience and also save you from returning hassle.

Here are the top five best VR headsets you should consider before making a buying decision:

1. HTC Vive

 Indisputably, HTC Vive is one of the latest Virtual Reality headsets that offer the most extensive immersive experience to the users. The hardware is flexible and capable of tracking a full-motion room. This allows you to dip, dive, walk, or dodge in your actual room while playing a VR game.

Key Features-
  • It offers a high-resolution image with two 1080p screens.
  • Room-scale feature
  • Need a highly efficient GPU
  • The valve is software partner here
  • The user gets most engaging VR experience
HTC Vive

2. Oculus Rift S

This is the advanced version of the Oculus Rift PC headset with additional features like high-resolution display, self-contained room tracking, etc. the Headset is connected to a PC through a USB port and Display port then bind to a machine with a lengthy cable for room-scale VR experience.

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  • Excellent collection of games and apps
  • Reasonable all-in price
  • Good Controllers
Oculus Rift S

3. Samsung Gear VR

Another VR headset that gives a mind-boggling immersive experience to the user. This new Samsung Gear VR is much lighter and smaller than its previous version Note 4 Gear VR. These headsets are specially designed for high-end Samsung smartphones and not compatible with other devices.

Key Features
  • Compact Design
  • Comfortable for spectacles wearers
  • Comparatively Expensive
Samsung Gear VR

4. Sony Play Station VR

Sony PS4 is one of the best-selling virtual reality headsets amongst its line conceived an identity of a games-first device. Users don’t need to have a high-end smartphone or PC  for this. The image resolution is not as crispy as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift but giving the advantage to play on PS4, not on PC.

There are few awesome games like Rez Infinite, Moss, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood that offers an exceptional immersive experience to the viewers.


THE economical VR headset gives you a powerful and compelling immersive experience with control on PS4.

Sony Play Station VR

5. Google Daydream View

These VR headsets are perfect for those users who looks for easy-to-wear, lightweight, soft fabric headset. These mobile VR headsets are complemented by the expressive 3DOF motion controller. This decent headset offers a great immersive experience with compatible Android phone when installing inside.

Google Daydream View
  • Essay installation
  • More expensive than the previous one
  • Less light leaking

It is the right time to invest in VR technology where one can see the virtual world while sitting on your couch comfortably. Plenty of apps and games are offered on a standalone headset or one that will tether to your PC. The collection of the best VR headsets at 10thdimentions will help you figure out which is right for you.

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