The new-wave technology doing wonders in Education domain: Virtual Reality

VR in education

Gone are the times when learning is restricted to classrooms or educational institutions. An ontological shift can be seen in how people interact and utilize technology to learn. Educators and developers are constantly working for the optimum utilization of technological innovations and harness their potential to shape the future of education. Here, the aim is to use immersive technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to overcome the challenges by designing creative and dynamic learning solutions. VR in education can drive forward the innovative learning and teaching by offering highly interactive and engaging content to the students. The technology also enables active forms of learning, productive assessment, and nurture entire ecosystems of learning.

Experiential learning through VR has content enriched with visuals, sonic, motions, and pictures that leads to more content retention and enable us to memorize it. It enhances excitement, improves concentration and gives opportunities to build skills to be successful thereby reduce dropout rates amongst students.

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Impact of Gamification in Education

Today, kids are growing watching video games where levels, tasks, and challenges are the obvious rules. While playing, children experience rewards points, competition, ranking, losing, and interaction with team players. Gamification is one of the powerful ways to engage and secure the attention of the students in a real or virtual reality classrooms. It is a holistic way of learning that improves skills like motor skills, active learning, critical thinking, memorizing and focusing. 

VR in education also a challenge for the trainers or faculty members, designing learning content as per the students and their skills. Here, the learning objective is achieved through all three components- technology, educational content, and gamification.

Custom-Designed Learning

Immersion offers great learning opportunity and further these VR learning apps can be personalized. The advantage of tailoring educational content to the individual learner is well-established however, its implementation is still strenuous.

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VR learning apps enable students to learn as per their own pace. Besides, it allows student’s assessment, struggling areas, performance tracking for better understanding and relative measures to be taken.

VR learning gets an edge over classroom learning in several aspects:

  • Eliminates time and place barrier
  • Immersive learning experience
  • Can be personalized
  • Power-packed content (audio-visuals)
  • Engaging and interesting 
  • Unique teaching techniques
  • Content revision can be multiple time

The holistic approach to learning

Whether its history, biology, geography, mathematics, astronomy, foreign languages or any other subject, virtual reality software programs stands excellent in satiating curiosity under one roof. VR educational apps enable students to take the journey of any corner of the world without leaving a classroom. They can immerse themselves with the underwater ecosystem or the solar system with their smartphones or VR headsets at 360-degree view. This gives students the freedom to learn and explore from a new dimension. For teachers, immersive tools and techniques are designed to create a curriculum that makes the session captivating and interesting.

This new-age learning is not confined to any particular subject or region rather VR is a versatile platform for learning and training from the classroom to the boardroom.

Future of Education

Unlike the conventional pattern, the new age learners witnessing a paradigm shift the educational content is consumed through cutting-edge technology like VR. The futuristic trends and driving forces that will shape the lives of students around the world are:

  • Experiential way of learning
  • Personalized learning modules
  • The blended approach (Education & Entertainment)
  • Skill-centric learning
  • Diverse in nature (place & time)
Closing Notes

Incorporating curriculum-based VR educational apps can change the way students and teachers interact and content is consumed. 10th Dimension, Singapore excels in designing these AR/VR tools and apps with the most up-to-date techniques and experienced team members. This VR in education not only strengthens student’s knowledge & understanding but also ensures high-paying careers in their future.

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