Virtual Reality will Shape the Food & Beverage Industry

VR in Food Beverages Industry

A lot of promising VR tools and applications are implemented in every other industry. This immersive technology is changing the way we shop, we work, we travel, and now even the food we eat.

VR technology has improved over the last few years dramatically, specifically for smartphones. But the release of VR headsets like Oculus Quest has offered great user experience and track the movement better. VR is making its way right from gaming to education, fashion to training, and now even the food we eat. Yes. You heard it right. Your dining experience is going to change with VR restaurants like never before.

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The need for incorporating VR in the food industry

It is all about creating a new world that has a digital environment to please the diners. Stimulating technology like VR offers another way to restaurants to create a memorable and engaging VR dining experience than ever.

Now, VR is stepping into the plates of customers to interact with the brand offering unique dining experience at the restaurants. By including VR to the menu, these restaurants get a chance to make money for the food and experiences as well.

Below mention are the ways VR restaurants can incorporate technology to enhance the overall effectiveness and generate extra pennies.

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VR in Food Beverages Industry

Unique Dining Experience 

Two of the renowned VR restaurants around the world Sublimotion in Spain and Tree by Naked Yoyogi in Tokyo that combines physical and virtual reality to entertain the diners. These eating out destinations offers a story-like structure where every meal is beautifully paired with a virtual experience. For instance, if you are eating seafood then you may get a virtual experience with the theme of underwater sea walk.

Also, the potential of virtual restaurants is not limited to graphics and visuals but the way we taste the food. The taste of food is also connected with our other senses for example, how the meal is presented or how we smell it makes a complete notion about the taste. VR headsets have the potential to change not only our dining environment and space but also the taste of your food. 

Employee Training

People retain data or knowledge much better if they are engaging and interactive and that is why virtual reality is successfully implemented to train the employees. From food safety to customer service, VR technology offers ultimate training applications to the new and existing employee of the VR restaurants and hotels. One of the famous brands KFC has introduced VR training modules to train the employees by wearing VR headsets. The employees learn how to cook world-famous chicken, clear the dishes, serve the food, and so forth through a gamified virtual landscape.

To date, we have come across a printed menu card at the restaurants. But to give unique VR dining experiences to the customers, the restaurants are experimenting with menu cards. A burger chain in New York City has brought about a new 3D menu card embrace with reality technology. Now, consumers can have a 3D image of Burger and size before ordering. This will enhance the diners’ experience and make them share the experience on social media. Virtual reality company Singapore.

Summing UP

Experiential marketing has begun to make headway and fundamentally change the purpose and food-driven events. Millennials always look for new experiences and hang out places that they can share over social platforms. And identifying this need and implementing new technology like VR will give new horizons to Restaurants. Technology has given a new definition to hospitality and more and more restaurants are introducing VR to please their customers. 

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