5 360° cameras you should consider in 2020 & why?

Beautifully designed high-end Cameras that are simply irresistible

360-degree cameras get an edge over traditional cameras with its indisputable quality of capturing an all-around view. These 360 cameras Singapore are the new way to develop digital content. These are also called omnidirectional cameras, capable of capturing a full-circle view at a horizontal level without the need for stitching or processing multiple images or videos.

Here are some creditworthy 360 cameras that stand best in terms of quality, sphere view, utility, and water resistance:

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1. Insta 360 One X

There is more than one reason to choose this outstanding 360 camera as it offers new hardware design and the latest software features. This sleek designed camera gives flawless smooth end-results through high resolution. It also has a hidden selfie stick and many more smart features that work automatically during shooting and editing.

 Key Components

  • Exceptional Image stabilization
  • 3K 100fps slo-mo
  • No water resistance feature
  • 5.7k video resolution
  • Support Android and iOS
  • 1hour battery Life
  • MicroSD storage

2. Go Pro Hero Max

Go Pro Max is the most accessible 360-degree camera having enhanced features like Hyper smooth stabilization where your bumpy videos look smooth and seamless. The resolution of 5.6k/30fps matches the standards of the brand GoPro and delivers unparalleled image quality.

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The GoPro apps allow the user to edit Max footage uninterruptedly with standard Hero clips or any other video on your phone’s camera.

Key Components

  • Spectacular Video quality
  • Intuitive Menus
  • 256Gb Storage on MicroSD
  • Support Android and iOS phones
  • Splash-proof hardware
  • 154gm including battery weight
  • Need tripod and selfie stick

3. Insta360 One R Twin Edition

One of the innovative 360-degree cameras in the segment, Insta360 One R twin edition offers unmatched features where two cameras studded, designed with two lenses to swap between. One gives 360-degree panorama shooting capability whereas another turns into a 4k action camera. It is loaded with impressive features like Auto Frame Mode, Shooting Modes powered by AI algorithms, easy for selfies and vlog-style videos and so forth.

Key Components

  • Two interchangeable lens options
  • Waterproof up to 16 feet
  • Video Resolution is 5.7k
  • MicroSD storage
  • RAW photos and 100mbps videos
  • Bespoke mounting bracket

4. Vuze XR

Studded with the unique feature of two cameras, this Vuze XR not only takes 360-degree videos and photos but also supports 180-degree stereoscopic footage too. This kind of image adds real depth to those who had ever experienced VR Headsets.

Another impressive feature is a single button that allows switching from 360-degree mode (2D) to 180-degree (3D) mode that enables capturing half or full sphere of VR footage.

Further, it broadens the creative areas like in-camera image editing, live broadcasting, operating Smartphone apps for controlling.

Key Components

  • Swift in changing modes
  • Water-resistance only with case
  • 5.7k Video Resolution
  • Crisp Footage quality
  • Tripod Socket

5. Ricoh Theta V

Ricoh Theta V is a first sight love for users having a classy lifestyle. Beautifully designed with simple controllers, this best 60-degree camera is compact and easy to use. The inbuilt technology allows you to squeeze 4k videos plus live streaming from android innards. Additionally, it offers an immersive audio experience through quad microphones.

Key components

  • Live streaming capability
  • Stills Resolutions 14MP
  • Video Resolution 4k
  • Tripod needed
  • Storage 19GB internal
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


As the name suggests, 360 cameras enable you to capture the entire world with full coverage. Today, you can see a huge influx of latest models offering extraordinary features as mentioned above. Few more are in the cue like Kotak Pixpro SP360 4K, Rylo, Garmin VIRB 360 that also hit the mark of excellence.

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