Emerging AR/VR Technology is making a new way in Art World

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Virtual reality is fuelling the new era in the art scene which is highly accessible, inclusive and not restricted with time and space factor. The streams of technology and art have been coming ever closer together in recent years. Incorporation of technology, in particular virtual reality, has given new heights to the art domain and frameworks. Unlike the traditional method, virtual reality in art has transformed the way it has been perceived and produced.

Besides doing wonders in the entertainment and gaming industry, Virtual Reality enables access to great creations and cultural treasures for art lovers to the world around. There must be some doubts in the mind of the users like is VR an appropriate medium to view artistic work or do artists implementing virtual reality in their work or Is VR powered to change the way the art is consumed and so on.

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In this article, we will explore the opportunities of AR/VR technology in Museums and art galleries and the way they are experienced by the viewers.

How are VR technology and tools empowering artists?

The adoption of innovative headsets like Oculus Medium or Oculus Rift embedded with digital sculpting feature enables artists to draw, paint and sculpt in a virtual environment. This offers a sensory immersion and a possibility to interact with art enthusiastic beyond any other medium. Some of the VR platforms enables artists to develop art in a virtual setting whereas others offer tangible art pattern into virtual exhibits. 

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Here, the guests can immerse themselves in the world of creativity or VR-centred galleries where they can experience life in a piece of sculpture. 

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Does Artists implement Virtual Reality in Art Work?

Today, Artists are quickly gaining momentum in implementing VR in the art world. Beyond the viewing aspect, this immersive experience offers the potential to see, hear, and reorganize the virtual environment to the users. Not only the art galleries and museums but the artists themselves also incorporate VR sculpting and painting tools with special design interfaces like Rift and motion sensors. As this technology involves visuals, sonic, motions, spatial components, the artist loves to work with. One of the best device Tilt Brush is commonly used as a 3D Virtual Paintbrush to work on a virtual environment.

Masterpiece VR, Gravity Sketch, HoloLens, Oculus Medium are some of the virtual reality tools that are spectacular in creating artworks and 3D modelling.

Can VR change the way art is consumed?

Rather than only seeing and adoring the exclusive creations and artwork, now technology has facilitated the interpretation through AR/VR technologies. Either through Smartphones or cutting edge headsets, users can immerse into the universe of art completely. Today, museums and art galleries are embraced with this up-to-a-minute technology that has the potential to give stimulating experiences.

Virtual Reality in art offers a great opportunity to the Artists, Museums and Art Galleries to create VR artworks, take 360-degree exhibitions tours and interactive live scenes. Presenting some of the renowned museums of the world that incorporates this state-of-the-art VR technology that brings unique dimensions to their collections-

  • Louvre Museum, Paris
  • Peterson Automotive Museum, Los Angeles
  • National Museum of Finland
  • The Tate Modern, London  

At these places, the virtual reality in art is absorbed in an immersive way that helps people to connect with the story or the art piece and thereby with an artist. This is more accessible for the visitors where the journey of discovery becomes interactive, engaging and stimulating. In particular, this will open the doors for all the cultural institutions and museums to showcase their artwork through Virtual Reality so that the greatest work can be explored, shared and enjoyed by the audience.

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